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Food Insecurity

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This is the fast I want – share your food with those who are hungry!

Isaiah 58

Our Mission

Food insecurity is a very real problem in our community, and more widespread  than many realize. We are committed to delivering nourishment to our most vulnerable neighbors of all ages. 

Our Work

Backpack Buddies (BB)
The Backpack Buddies team raises funds to buy nutritious shelf-stable food for children in our community who are struggling with food insecurity. These children receive free breakfast and lunch at school but during the weekend, meals are scarce. Every week, year-round, the BB team fills backpacks with healthy food for weekend meals.

Sandwich Monday (SM)
The Sandwich Monday team makes cheese sandwiches to send to the Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen located downtown where 250+ guests (many of whom are homeless) receive a nourishing meal every day of the week. Our SM team also bags shelf-stable food for our Wednesday Lunch Program.

Wednesday Lunch Program
Our Wednesday Lunch Program team makes bag lunches for 100+ guests every week. We make cheese sandwiches, and bag bagels and desserts to add to the shelf-stable items that are bagged by our SM team.

Get Involved

For information about how to get involved and volunteer, contact Carol Crossen.