Shaaray Circles
Shaaray Circles


Shaaray Circles is our small groups initiative. Consisting of lay-led groups of about eight to ten Shaaray Tefila members who will meet once a month between October and May, coming together and creating space for conversation and community on a variety of topics and areas of interest. There are two types of small groups, Affinity Circles based on specific interests, and a topical curriculum that will change from year to year. Groups may meet online or in person. 

You must be a member of Temple Shaaray Tefila in order to participate in Shaaray Circles.


We are thrilled to be launching our second round of small groups this fall, and we hope that you will join us as we connect with one another, spread joy, and deepen our relationships across the congregation. Groups will meet once a month, either in person or online, from October 2023 to May 2024. Once again we are offering both Affinity Circles based on specific interests, and a new curriculum called Food for Thought.  


Food for Thought Curriculum (October-May)

In partnership with Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles, CA, we are offering a new curriculum for 2023-2024 titled, Food for Thought

View a sample of the Food for Thought Curriculum HERE.

Affinity Circles (October-May)

Affinity Circles are based on specific interests and are created and organized by our member facilitators. The topics vary and some circles will meet for one year, while others may continue.

Once a Circle is full, it is closed. If there is a topic that interests you and that particular Circle is closed, please consider forming and facilitating your own Circle on that topic or area of interest. 

Some current Circles for 2023-2024:

  • Jews Reading Long Form Articles
  • Klezmer Jam Band
  • Mindfulness Meditation
THE BUZZ from our members who participated this past year:

“Many of the people in my group knew each other already, but getting together regularly really strengthened our connections. That hit home when one person in our group experienced a loss and everyone showed up for the shivah.”

“We formed a Wordle & Spelling Bee text group so we connect every day!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting temple members, exchanging ideas with them, and having people to greet when I see them at services.”

“It became a set of cousins sitting in the back of the restaurant having a great time.”


If you would like to sign up for an Affinity Circle, Food for Thought Curriculum Circle, form your own Circle group of 7-8 friends, or join a group of friends-to-be, take a leap, join us!


If you have any questions or want to form a group of your own, please contact Nadia Etienne at