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Jewish food is a powerful pathway to cultivating Jewish belonging and joy. Celebrating Jewish food’s centrality in our lives today and our commitment to nourishing the hungry in our neighborhood are ways Shaaray Tefila members elevate Jewish life, forge relationships, and live our values.

Manna will connect and strengthen Shaaray Tefila’s existing food related initiatives while piloting new opportunities for the community to learn, deepen relationships and grow through thoughtful and tasty food-related experiences and programming. Our deep dive into food will feature dynamic educational encounters to expand our knowledge, shared meals designed to further relationship-building, Jewish food practices to integrate into our lives and homes, and meaningful community service to meet the ongoing needs of our neighbors. We will feed our souls as we nourish our community.

While food is a basic human need, it holds layers of complexity: survival or decadence, traditional practice or irreverence. Manna will explore what it means to eat, cook, serve, and encounter food Jewishly.

We hope you will join us! CLICK HERE for upcoming programs

Questions? Contact Rabbi Benjamin Ross, Director of Adult Engagement or Nadia Etienne, Adult Engagement Manager.