High Holy Days

High Holy Days 2018 • 5779

The High Holy Days are set aside for us in the Jewish calendar to engage in prayer, honest self-reflection, and genuine reconciliation with each other and with God. To seize the opportunity requires preparation.

We must prepare our community space to welcome you. To help our staff ensure a comfortable and successful High Holy Days experience, please review the information below, including the full printable schedule, and fill out the appropriate forms. We've made the shift to digital forms this year for your convenience. Should you encounter any issues, please reach out to our main office by phone at 212-535-8008 or send an email to our dedicated High Holy Day Help inbox at [email protected].

And we must ready our hearts, minds, and spirits. We encourage you to join Dr. Norman Cohen, past provost of HUC-JIR, for a three-part learning series to explore biblical family dynamics through the prism of Midrash (Rabbinic interpretation and commentary) and how they can help us confront our own stories and struggles in relationships. Sign up for any or all three parts beginning June 14 and culminating with a Selichot session on Saturday, September 1 before our worship service. Join Dr. Norman Cohen »

We wish you a healthy, fulfilling summer and look forward to our community coming together to welcome 5779!

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Youth & Family Opportunities
Remembering Loved Ones


Select a Service Set

Deadline: Friday, July 20
Choose the early service or late service set for your family. Combinations (i.e., early for Rosh Hashanah/late for Yom Kippur or vice versa) will not be permitted, and please note that babysitting for children walking on their own to age 5 is available only during early services. If you do not submit before the Friday, July 20 deadline, we will place you in a service set based on your selection from previous years.

Before you fill out the form, view the full printable schedule »


Guest Tickets

Deadline: Friday, July 20
Each member family may reserve up to 2 tickets per holiday. Tickets for your guests will correspond to your selected service set.


Reciprocity Tickets

If you are a member in good standing and will be spending the High Holy Days away from us at another Reform congregation outside of the tri-state area (we'll miss you!), we can request seating on your behalf. Requests are granted based on availability and at the discretion of the host congregation.


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Youth & Family Opportunities


Early Services Only
Babysitting for children walking on their own through age 5 is available during our early services. Please sign up your child(ren) using the form linked below to help better inform our space and staffing needs.


Grade K-5 Programming

Available during both the early and late services, children in grades K-5 can participate in engaging, interactive programming and worship led by our religious school educators and staff. Please sign up your child(ren) using the form linked below to help better inform our space and staffing needs.


Grade 6-12 Teen Services

Your child(ren) can come together with peers around worship experiences tailored to teens and driven by TaSTY (Shaaray Tefila Youth Group) leadership with clergy and staff support.


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Remembering Loved Ones

During the High Holy Days, we may especially feel the absence of those we've lost, preparing to enter our sanctuary with loved ones in our hearts who were once by our side. We are privileged to be your spiritual home, offering opportunities to remember them at this season with the support of your community. We are here with you and invite you to honor their memories in ways you find meaningful.

Yahrzeit Plaque

Deadline: Friday, June 29
Honor the memory of your loved one with a Yahrzeit plaque in our sanctuary. To ensure that plaques are installed by this year's High Holy Days, please be in touch via the form linked below by Friday, June 29.


Book of Remembrance

Deadline: Friday, August 24
Submit the names of your loved ones to appear in the Book of Remembrance. If we do not receive new or updated information, we will include your listing from the previous year in this year's book.


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