High Holy Days
High Holy Days
Our Plan: Online + In-person Opportunities

We are very excited to announce that we will open our doors at 75% capacity for the High Holy Days 5782 and welcome everyone into the building. For those planning to attend in person, masks must be worn by everyone and proof of vaccination or negative COVID test is required to enter the building. Please take a moment to review our entry policy guidelines for all the important information.

For those who will not be able to join us in person for whatever reason, we will provide a robust and beautiful online worship experience as we did last year. We will also have a wonderful series of programs throughout the holiday season, both in person and online. 

Please note that you must be a member in good standing to attend or access our High Holy Days services and programs.

All guidelines regarding in person attendance and room capacity are subject to New York State and CDC guidelines and the input of our Task Force on Reopening, and are subject to change.

Your “Tickets”

Members in good standing will have access to all our High Holy Days services and programs – either in-person or online broadcasts. To be in good standing, your dues, security assessment, building assessment, and tuition payments must either be paid in full by Friday, August 27 or current with an arrangement or payment plan. Visit the Member Portal today to check your account balance.

If you plan to attend services in-person, please be sure to fill out our new High Holy Days Service Request Form (learn more in our HHD forms section). Guests are also welcome to join you, and you can purchase guest tickets through the same form. You will receive an email confirming the services you will attend and the number of people attending each. We will NOT be issuing printed tickets this year and will do our very best to accommodate all of your requests.

For members who wish to watch any or all of our services virtually, we ask that you also fill out the new High Holy Days form as well to let us know so we can send you the appropriate links for viewing.

Have questions or in need of some assistance? We’re available by phone at 212-535-8008 ext. 222 or ext. 261 and email at HHDhelp@tstnyc.org, our dedicated High Holy Days support inbox.

High Holy Days Forms

For your convenience, you can access all our High Holy Days forms via the Member Portal. Before you head over to the Portal, you can learn more below about what you’ll need to fill out.

Have questions about our HHD forms or in need of some assistance? We’re available by phone at 212-535-8008 ext. 222 or ext. 261 and email at HHDhelp@tstnyc.org, our dedicated High Holy Days support inbox.

The following forms are now CLOSED:

  • Adult Child Access (for children age 26 and younger on your member account who are living away from home)
  • Guest Access
  • Book of Remembrance
  • Reciprocity

Questions about Adult Child Access? Please contact Lori Tompkins at 203-496-4931.