Dr. John Mittermeier on Birds You Can Hear from Your Window or Walk; Plus: A Time of New Purpose

Seven weeks into social distancing measures, Rabbi Mosbacher asks, ‘Are we all hitting a wall?’ In the interview, Dr. John C. Mittermeier, Oxford-trained ornithologist, talks to Rabbi about four birds you might hear from your window in the Northeast, or even on a (socially distanced) walk in the park. Dr. Mittermeier reveals a bird call you might think you know, but likely have completely wrong, as well as a bird that sings with two voices, and unveils his favorite bird, which portends the arrival of spring. Have you been watching “Unorthodox” on Netflix? Join our upcoming online event discussing the show. In the closing segment, Rabbi asks us three questions we might all consider about counting, grief, and new purpose, even in these strangest of times.

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