An Interview with Abby Stein, Trans Activist and Author of Becoming Eve; Plus: Pride & Black Lives Matter

Trans activist, educator, and author Abby Stein (“Becoming Eve: My Journey from Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi to Transgender Woman”) talks with Rabbi Mosbacher about LGTBQ Pride as “a very Jewish thing” (even the Talmud may have things to say about it!). Ms. Stein, born as the first son in a dynastic rabbinical family, poised to be a Hasidic leader, examines how leaving the Ultra-Orthodox community and rejecting her faith entirely allowed her to come back to her faith in a years-long renewal that’s allowed her a richer realization of her own faith experience, and a new love for Jewish traditional texts. She reflects on discussions with LGBTQ people still living within the Orthodox community today, and shares her thoughts on the Hasidic community ever possibly accepting LGBTQ folks. Importantly, Ms. Stein also shares how people who aren’t trans can support the trans community as allies. Rabbi Mosbacher also offers happiest Pride wishes and addresses the need for our continued support for the African American community and the Black Lives Matter movement, posing some very important questions we must all ask ourselves at this juncture in history.

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