A Conversation with Rabbi Sarah Reines; Plus: The Omer’s Special Resonance This Year

Rabbi Mosbacher interviews Rabbi Sarah Reines, who reveals a secret hobby she’s developed during her time in quarantine (at the 10:04 mark), talks about the one thing she misses most during this time of social distancing (at the 11:27 mark), and considers her own complex feelings about the field hospital treating patients in Central Park (at the 15:56 mark). Rabbi Mosbacher explores the renewed meaning of the Counting of the Omer this year, recommends an excellent Isaac Asimov novel from 1957 with uncanny resonance to our current time (at the 18:24 mark), and closes with a moving, poignant poem for the remarkable chapter of human history we’re living through (at the 20:54 mark), which also happened to inspire the title of one of Ernest Hemingway’s greatest literary works.

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