COVID-19 Special Edition: NYC Council Member Ben Kallos on What To Know & How To Help

Rabbi Mosbacher talks to NYC Council Member Ben Kallos about the very latest on COVID-19. “We’re all in this together,” Kallos says. “This is not a snow day. I would implore folks to be home.” Kallos shares what to do if you’re feeling sick, how food insecure NYC kids and elders can still get food assistance during this time, and lets us know how we can all work together to fight the virus. Still feeling healthy and want to help more vulnerable New Yorkers? At the 10:57 mark of the interview, Council Member Kallos shares a powerful way to help that goes beyond social distancing efforts or donations. Kallos also shares how his Jewish faith guides him both in these unique times and as a community leader. In the final minutes, Kallos turns the interviewer tables on Rabbi Mosbacher as he asks Rabbi a very important question.

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