Erev Shabbat Services with Daniel Gradus and Ron "Bubu" Assaf from Project 24

08 Mar @ 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm

Please join us in person and online for Erev Shabbat services with guest speakers Daniel Gradus and Ron “Bubu” Assaf from Project 24. Hear Bubu’s story and learn all about Project 24. (P24), and how you can take part.

The idea for Project 24 was initiated by Daniel Gradus and his life-long friend since 2nd grade, Ron Assaf (better known as “Bubu”). Bubu bravely fought back during the terror attack in Kibbutz Reim, and was then evacuated from his home, along with his entire community and other settlements in the area. 24 communities that were torn apart. 

Bubu’s story was a call for action. Daniel and Bubu set out to create a network that will connect the displaced Israeli communities and individuals from the war-stricken Gaza envelope with Jews and Jewish congregations and communities of the Diaspora facing a new wave of Anti-Semitism.

Together, they focus on creating projects that are mutually healing and empowering for all involved. P24 utilizes the skills, connections, and knowledge of Jews in the diaspora to create self-empowering projects that address the real life needs of those affected by October 7 events and the ‘Iron Swords’ war.Projects that heal and strengthen both Israelis and Jews worldwide. 


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