Every public school child will receive $420 from the Department of Education – use your money to feed families in need!

ALL students who attend NYC public schools will receive an EBT card worth $420 (here’s more info from the DOE). The money is from the Federal Coronavirus Relief Effort to cover the cost of the free lunches that children were entitled to when schools were closed. Although the cards are not transferable, two TST moms came up with an idea for how we can help families who struggle with food insecurity.

Here’s what they suggest:

  • Spend the card’s funds at your favorite local food store to buy food for your family.
  • Then, donate the equivalent dollar amount ($420) to Backpack Buddies using our online donation form – be sure to select ”Social Action Funds” from the drop down and enter your donation in the “Backpack Buddies Gift Amount” field.
  • Please note, for the funds to be properly allocated, you MUST indicate that your gift is either
    • “In honor of:  Association to Benefit Children (ABC) and LSA Family Health Service” (our Backpack Buddies partner organizations), or
    • In honor of NY Common Pantry”
  • Once you do this mitzvah, Backpack Buddies will buy groceries to stock the Food Pantries of ABC, LSA, and NYCP for families who are in great need of our help.