Shaaray Tefila is excited to be a part of Every Voice, Every Vote – the Reform Movement’s Civic Engagement Campaign. This nonpartisan effort aims to strengthen our democracy by encouraging everyone to participate in the U.S. election process and ensuring that Reform Jewish values are represented in the public square. 

I want to help! How can I participate?

Postcard writers on our Every Voice Every Vote Civic Engagement Campaign: We are ready to begin our next campaign to GOTV for early voting in FLORIDA

Floridians will go to the polls to vote for the candidates who support their views on censorship in education, affordable housing, and voting rights. Early Voting begins August 8. We’ll have all of June and July to write as many postcards as we can. Florida’s Primary Day is August 23.

Please watch this short video for all the details   

We will be working again with Center for Common Ground, who have 1.2 million addresses of Black voters in Florida who did not vote in the last primary election. We will be focusing on smaller, more rural counties where we can have a bigger impact. Anyone who votes in a primary is 85% likely to vote in the general election!

You can order ROV postcards HERE


Once again, we will have packets of 30 postcards with addresses and labels available for pick-up. You can pick them up during Friday onegs through the month of June or contact Carol Crossen to arrange a day and location. Questions? Please contact Carol Crossen or Jolie Schwab.

For more information on The Reform Jewish Movement’s 2022 Campaign to Protect, Expand, and Strengthen Democracy, please visit

Other ways you can help:

Contact Congress to urge them to restore voting rights.

Act for racial justice and continue to learn about antiracism and systemic oppression.

Any further questions?

Please contact Carol Crossen or Jolie Schwab, Shaaray Tefila’s Civic Engagement Team leaders.