Shaaray Tefila is excited to be a part of Every Voice, Every Vote – the Reform Movement’s Civic Engagement Campaign. This nonpartisan effort aims to strengthen our democracy by encouraging everyone to participate in the U.S. election process and ensuring that Reform Jewish values are represented in the public square. 

I want to help! How can I participate?

Postcard Writers on our Every Voice, Every Vote Civic Engagement Campaign: We are ready to start our next postcard campaign to GOTV for Early Voting in Virginia.  

On November 2, Virginians will go to the polls and their newly elected policymakers will decide the future of the state’s voting rights laws, and we want to help protect the advances Virginia has made by encouraging voter turnout in key communities. Once again, we will be working with the Center for Common Ground. 

Please watch this short video for all the details»   

We will be writing postcards to almost a million Virginia voters of color, alerting them that Early Voting starts in mid-September and that their voting rights are at stake.

You can order ROV postcards HERE», or we have extra postcards that you can pick up. Contact Carol Crossen at

To request the required information (voters’ names/addresses, script, and template for printing labels – that include important County-specific voting information), you must have an account with “Voter Letters”, Center for Common Ground/Reclaim Our Vote’s new online system. Please email Meika Mustrangi, our Regional Organizer at to sign-up for an account. Postcards must be mailed by mid-September to reach voters in time.

Other ways you can help:

Contact Congress to urge them to restore voting rights.

Act for racial justice and continue to learn about antiracism and systemic oppression.

Any questions?

Please contact Carol Crossen or Jolie Schwab, Shaaray Tefila’s Civic Engagement Team leaders.