RAC-NY Campaign for Less is More Parole Reform

In keeping with the Jewish value of Teshuvah, Shaaray Tefila is excited to be part of a campaign that exemplifies “return.” Every year, 7,500 people under active parole supervision end up back in New York prisons for technical violations like breaking curfew for a job interview or failure to find housing when so many landlords will not rent to people with records.

The Less Is More Bill aims to change this.

Black people are incarcerated for technical parole violations at 12 times the rate of white people in New York City jails. Many, if not all, such violations are beyond the parolees control, at a cost to the state of $650 million per year.

Here’s how you can help.

Commit to participating in RAC-NY’s Less Is More Call-In Week, from April 26 – April 29. Make three calls to make a difference! It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Make three calls »

Visit the link above for talking points and phone numbers for your State Senator, State Assembly member, and the Governor. Then, make three calls on your own phone and fill out the quick reporting form on the results of your calls. Together we will move New York State toward racial justice.  #LessIsMoreNY

Learn more about “Less Is More.”

RAC-NY is a statewide social justice effort of the Reform Movement representing 99 Reform Jewish congregations and 150,000 Reform Jews throughout New York State. RAC-NY is focused on increasing the Jewish values of wholeness, justice, and compassion in New York state policy. We helped pass the Green Light Act in 2019 that gave immigrants access to drivers’ licenses and The Protect Our Courts Act in 2020 that prevented federal deportation of immigrants at state and local courts.

For more information, check out this Fact Sheet »

For help or questions, contact Susan Wine Bender »

To learn more about the importance of parole reform in New York, watch this brief video below.