Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program



BNAI MITZVAH PROGRAM When a Jewish child reaches the age of 13, he or she becomes a child of Jewish law - a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It is a sacred responsibility for Jewish parents to educate their children, preparing them for life as Jewish adults. Shaaray Tefila is your partner in this process. 

Together, we will support our students as they work hard to prepare. And together, we look forward to sharing a joyous milestone with you. 

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Attendance in Religious School is required and important to provide the fundamentals before, during, and following Bnai Mitzvah

TUTORING  Students begin half hour weekly tutoring sessions approximately one year from their Bnai Mitzvah date with one of our dedicated tutors.  With the guidance of their tutor, students will build on their Hebrew reading skills developed in Religious School, learn Torah trope, review and learn prayers and prepare their Torah and Haftarah portions.

Regular participation in tutoring sessions is critical to the students’ success.  The tutor will send the parents an e-mail after each lesson to confirm what was covered and what homework has been assigned.  All students have two progress meetings with one of the cantors to help ensure that they are staying on track with their Bnai Mitzvah preparation. 

MEETINGS WITH CLERGY Throughout this process, our clergy work alongside each student and aim to develop meaningful connections and relationships with them and their families.  Each student will meet with clergy during the year prior to their Bnai Mitzvah.  They will have five meetings with the rabbis with their bima teammates, which will include studying their Torah portion, choosing the specific verses they will chant, working on their Divrei Torah (speeches), and discussing some of the logistical elements of the service.  The students will also have two progress meetings with one of the cantors and three rehearsals on the bima, including a family rehearsal conducted by the officiating rabbi and cantor.

Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or send an email with any questions or concerns. Remember - we are your Temple family and, as such, your partners in your child's journey toward Bnai Mitzvah.


Rabbi Joel Mosbacher, Senior Rabbi, [email protected]
Assistant, Sandra Ghorizo ext 240, [email protected] 

Cantor Todd Kipnis, Senior Cantor, ext 250, [email protected]
Rachel Kaplan, Cantor's Assistant & Bnai Mitzvah Coordinator, ext 264, [email protected]

Rabbi Sarah Reines, ext 241, [email protected]

Rabbi Jessica Lenza, Director of Religious School Engagement, ext 230, [email protected]
Casey Talmas, RS Operations Coordinator, ext 229, [email protected]