College Connections

“College Connections” is our group for all college students from Temple Shaaray Tefila. We reach out to our students to provide a connection with Temple Shaaray Tefila when our college students are away from home at school. College Connections provides holiday gift packages and host events, programs and reunion activities during the school and holiday breaks.

If your student is attending college this year, please share the requested information with us. We will be in touch with our students through e-mail and will send them greetings every month with information about current events affecting Jews on campus, trips to Israel, and articles of interest, social action opportunities, and news from the Temple. The Temple also sends annual goody packages for Chanukah so our students can feel connected when they are away from home. 

Please help us stay in touch with your student attending college. Simply e-mail Mindy Davids the following information or mail the information to Mindy's attention at the temple:
-Your student’s name 
-Name of college 
-School mailing address 
-Student’s school phone number or cell number 
-Student’s e -mail address 
-College Year (sophomore, junior, etc) 

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