What is TaSTY? 

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TaSTY is the High School Youth Group at Temple Shaaray Tefila.

Comprised of students in grades 9-12, TaSTY is part of a larger web of Reform Jewish youth groups across North America.

Membership in TaSTY is included as part of the Pathways Program. Click here to learn more and to register for Pathways.

  • TaSTY offers social events, social action community events, and monthly programming such as lounge nights where students get together at the temple to talk about current issues and socialize/hang out.
  • TaSTY functions as a youth organization within the NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) community.  As a member of NFTY and the region NAR (NFTY New York Region), our youth group participates in local, regional, and national events.
  • TaSTY is a place where our students a part of a Reform Jewish High School community.
  • Students in TaSTY build friendships, lifelong Reform Jewish identities, and leadership skills through community building, worship, social action, and experiential youth-led Jewish educational and social programming. 
  • Many of our high school students serve as leaders in our youth group. 

Comprised of students in grades 9-12, TaSTY is part of a larger web of Reform Jewish youth groups across North America. As a member of NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) and the NFTY New York Region, our youth group participates in local, regional, and national events. Self-governed, the youth group elects a president, officers, and grade level representatives. Hope Chernak serves as the youth advisor to the High School Students.

TaSTY’s meetings are known as “lounge nights” and take place one Wednesday evenings each month from 7:00 - 8:15 pm (immediately after a TaSTY Board Meeting). A youth group member leads a program about Jewish values, social concerns, or timely issues. Themes vary from the serious (Homelessness, Teen Pressures) to pure entertainment (Jews and the Movies) and embrace a variety of topics (Jews and Food, Politics, Jewish Values in Pop Culture and Judaism). Additional monthly programs include social events (such as a dinner out, softball game, ice skating, karaoke, or a theater night), as well as opportunities for community service (making bagged lunches for the New York Common Pantry and volunteer projects).

Our senior youth group, TaSTY, has been meeting since June to prepare for the school year.  Our High School leaders have worked hard to prepare a calendar of events that will attract the high school population at Temple Shaaray Tefila.  These students understand the importance of community, Israel, and Tikkun Olam.

TaSTY Constitution   

We encourage all students to participate and get involved in our activities.  For more information, please contact Hope Chernak, Director of Youth and Informal Education at 212-535-8008 or [email protected]

What is NFTY?

NFTY is the High School Youth Group of the Reform Movement. For over sixty years, the North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) has offered thousands of young people the opportunity to explore and live Reform Judaism.  TaSTY is a member of NFTY and all Temple Shaaray Tefila teens are invited to experience a NFTY Program.

  • NFTY is comprised of more than 500 local synagogue youth groups (like TaSTY!) and NFTY has 19 regions across North American. 
  • The region that TaSTY belongs to is called NFTY-NAR (New York Area Region).  
  • NFTY functions as a youth organization, an affiliate of the Union for Reform Judaism. 
  • Many leadership opportunities are available for high school students.
  • Scholarship funds are available for NFTY regional and North American events for High School Students. Please contact our Youth Advisor for more information.

Students are also encouraged to attend weekend retreats run by NFTY’s New York region (NFTY-NAR) www.nfty.org/nar several times per year.