The Nursery School began in the fall of 1993 with the full support of the warm and well-established congregation. The caring sense of family and community that is so central to the Temple is also central to the Nursery School. The school incorporates the strong traditions and values of Judaism in a nurturing environment, where children enjoy learning with their friends in a well-equipped physical space. Our school has a multi-faceted approach to learning with a very rich and child-driven curriculum. 

All groups have three classroom teachers plus specialists who teach movement, music, Hebrew and sports on a weekly basis. There are various activities throughout each school day; some are more structured, others are purposefully more open. In fact, there is a major part of the schedule devoted to play. The children work with art materials, blocks, puzzles, and participate in creative and dramatic play. Teachers facilitate the children's individual and/or cooperative goals. There are tangible lessons and more subtle ones as the children develop skills in many important areas: cognitive, physical, emotional and social. 

We also have an Early Childhood consultant who is at school each week. She visits all of the classrooms regularly, meets with the Nursery School staff, holds occasional group talks on topics of interest to families with young children, and is available to meet privately with parents to discuss any areas of concern.

The children also enjoy meeting our clergy during our weekly Shabbat sing-along and story times, or during classroom visits. 

Our goal is to foster a sense of community and to help all of the children appreciate each other's strengths. Families are encouraged to participate. Parents organize a book fair & school benefit,  work in the children's library, help on class trips, organize fundraising activities and join in classroom and Temple celebrations. The connection to the Temple community makes our school a special place for children, families and staff.