Yom Kippur

Wednesday, September 19

8:30am Worship, Early Service w/Yizkor

Babysitting for children walking on their own to age 5 AND programming for children Grades K-5 is available: 8:00am Drop-off Begins, 8:30am Program Begins
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Please Note Regarding Stroller Parking: To address safety concerns and space limitations, we are no longer able to accommodate non-foldable stroller parking in our building - only foldable stroller storage in designated areas is permitted. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

12:00pm Study Session I

God: A Talmudic Biography with Dr. Alyssa Gray
On Yom Kippur we are introspective and petition God to be forgiving of our frailties and mistakes. Let’s shake things up a bit and examine some fascinating Talmudic texts that have some amazing insights about God. (Hint: We may not be the only ones who need some forgiveness...)

12:15pm Worship, Late Service w/Yizkor

Programming for children Grades K-5 is available: 11:45am Drop-off Begins, 12:15pm Program Begins
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12:30pm Teen Service (Grades 6-12)
1:30pm Study Session II

The Reluctant Prophet with Rabbi Mollie Cantor
Together we'll examine expectations, responsibility, and the desire to run away through the character and actions of the prophet who preferred "sleeping with the fishes" to fulfilling his destiny.

3:00pm Study Session III

Mother Sarah: Her Untold Story with Rabbi Marla Feldman
As we read the story of the (almost) sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham you can't help but wonder, where was Sarah during this traumatic event? Through the art of midrash, we are able to read between the lines of the biblical text and discover hidden tales about Mother Sarah, gaining a greater understanding of her hopes, dreams, sorrows, and pain.

3:30pm Tot Service (Ages 0-5)
4:15pm Afternoon Service
4:30pm Community Yizkor - Open to the Public
6:15pm Neilah & Havdalah
Date and Time: 
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 (All day)