Marriage Ceremonies

Finding a life soul-mate is a sacred blessing. If you or a loved one is planning to be married and would like one of the clergy to officiate, please be in touch with Rabbi Mosbacher’s assistant. The officiating Rabbi will schedule pre-marital meetings with the couple. The clergy welcomes the opportunity to counsel any couple contemplating marriage; however, the clergy will only officiate at weddings between two Jews.

Only congregational members may be married in the Temple. Depending upon the size of the wedding, the couple may decide to use either the sanctuary or the chapel. On a Shabbat morning prior to the wedding, the couple will be called to the Torah for an aliyah and a special aufruf (pre-marital) blessing by the clergy.

If you or a loved one are in a same-sex relationship and desire to be married out of state, or you wish to have a Commitment Ceremony, please contact one of the clergy.

Second Marriages

Based upon a verse of Torah, Jewish law requires a woman to receive a Get (Jewish divorce document) in order to remarry. The Get religiously terminates a marriage the same way a civil divorce document ends a civil marriage. Reform Judaism does not require either a woman or a man to acquire a Get before remarriage; however, some individuals desire a spiritual dissolution to their marriages in addition to a legal document. If acquiring a Get is important to you, please speak with one of the Rabbis.