Funerals and Mourning

The death of a loved one, whether sudden or the result of prolonged illness, is an emotional and difficult time for family and friends. It is important to know that you are not alone as you go through the process of preparing for the funeral and the period of mourning following the funeral.

If someone in your family has died, you can reach a member of the clergy by calling the synagogue at 212-535-8008 and following the instructions to reach a member of the clergy in an emergency. The Rabbis and Cantors are prepared to assist you in: 

  • The funeral service 
  • Selecting a funeral chapel 
  • Determining whether to conduct a chapel or graveside service 
  • Deciding upon burial or cremation 
  • Shiva logistics and minyan services 

The clergy and trained lay leaders are available to conduct minyan services during the week of shivah.

The name of your loved one will be read before the recitation of Kaddish on Friday night and Shabbat morning during the period of shivah and sheloshim (the first 30 days of mourning).

It is possible to memorialize your loved one by purchasing a memorial plaque which will be lit on the anniversary of your loved one’s death and on Yom Kippur. To arrange for a plaque, please call the administrative office.

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