Judaism is not a proselytizing religion; however, through the centuries many individuals have sought to convert to Judaism. In the late 20th century, the Reform Movement coined the phrase “Jew by Choice,” to refer to anyone who had converted to Judaism. Once a person has gone through the process of conversion, s/he is a Jew. 

As interfaith dating has become more prevalent in our society, the number of annual conversions has grown exponentially. Each year, our rabbis sponsor a number of individuals for conversion. The conversion process involves the following steps:

  • Regular meetings with one of the rabbis
  • Completion of an Introduction to Judaism course (a number of classes are offered in Manhattan throughout the year)
  • Mikvah (ritual immersion)
  • Hatafat Dam Brit (a symbolic ritual) for already circumcised men (please contact Rabbi Mosbacher for information about this ritual)
  • A public or private service of conversion