Life Cycle Events

According to the Biblical Psalmist, “The span of our years is threescore years and ten or by reason of strength, fourscore years.” Over the millennia, Jewish rituals and traditions have emerged that mark milestone moments in one’s life. Some rituals, like brit milah (ritual circumcision) date back to biblical times, while other rituals have been created as a response to ever changing and evolving religious and spiritual needs. For example, as today’s life expectancy is beyond 70 years, some Jews observe a second bar or bat mitzvah as they celebrate their 83rd birthdays (70 + 13).

Our congregation's clergy are available to discuss with you any and all life cycle milestone moments. If you are celebrating a birth or an upcoming marraige, please be sure to inform our clergy so that they can offer you their assistance. If you are facing end-of-life decision for a loved one, please consider speaking with one of our Rabbis or Cantors.

During the past 25 years, numerous rituals and ceremonies have been created to mark specific milestone moments reflecting transitional moments in one’s life as well as times of loss and sadness. These special rituals and ceremonies address one’s emotional and spiritual needs concerning: infertility, terminating a pregnancy, still birth, miscarriage, moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home, becoming an empty-nester, retirement, divorce, and milestone wedding anniversaries. If you seek guidance regarding any of these life cycle moments, the congregation's clergy are available to counsel you in finding an appropriate and meaningful way to observe these sacred moments.