Social Action is a Cornerstone of Our Congregation

A synagogue plays many roles in the life of its members and the surrounding community. One of the most compelling of these commitments is that of tikkun olam -- repairing the world -- a fundamental value of Judaism that is an essential part of Shaaray Tefila's mission.

Our Social Action Committee sponsors many ongoing mitzvah projects and volunteer programs.

Individuals who wish to keep informed about social justice issues are urged to explore the resources of the Religious Action Center (RAC) of the Union for Reform Judaism at www.rac.org. You may sign up for any of the following:
RAC News Updates: This automated listserv sends out action alerts, weekly legislative updates, press statements and other timely information.
RAC Advisory Network: Sends you a notice when your senators and representatives are swing votes on specific legislation.
Cell Advocacy Network: Sends text messages to your cellphone when your Congressional representatives hold key votes on specific legislation.
Reform Jewish Voice of New York State (www.rjvnys.org): Check this website to stay informed about and become involved in issues and advocacy on the local level and in Albany.
For more information about how to participate in the Social Action Committee or in any of our specific projects, please contact the Temple office.