Pathways (8th-12th Grade)
Pathways (8th-12th Grade)

The Basics

Pathways is our comprehensive, choice-based program for High School students. Beginning ​in the Spring semester of 8th Grade through the end of 12th Grade, Pathways is a community of teens that choose their own Jewish journey through connecting with friends, traveling, volunteering, interning, learning, and leading their peers. In Pathways, teens can:

  • Join TaSTY, our teen led youth group
  • Become a TA in our Religious School
  • Travel on our grade trips to New Orleans, Alabama, Washington, DC, Europe, and Israel
  • Learn with our clergy and faculty in Electives
  • Intern with Shaaray Tefila staff
  • Create their own opportunity in consultation with our staff

While many of our Pathways programs take place on Monday evenings, view the calendar link in the “Calendars & Parent Resources” tab below for specific dates and times for our Pathways programs.

Please Note: Enrollment in Temple Shaaray Tefila Religious School is available to member families in good standing.

The Details


The senior youth group of Pathways is TaSTY – Temple Shaaray Tefila Youth. Led by the teen-elected TaSTY Board, TaSTY offers social programs and holiday celebrations open to all Pathways teens. TaSTY meets every Monday night from 7:30-8:30pm in the Youth Lounge, plus for special events throughout the year. TaSTY is part of NFTY-NAR, the New York Area region of the North American Federation of Temple Youth, and TaSTY members can participate in their regional events throughout the year. Learn more about NFTY-NAR »

2018-19 TaSTY Executive Board
  • Lucy Poteshman, President
  • Andrew Feller, Programming Vice President
  • Aidan Dunlap, Engagement Vice President
  • Lev Mosbacher, Social Action Vice President
  • Ilana Segal, Religious and Cultural Vice President
  • Reed Yulis, Israel Vice President
  • Madelena Kishner, Communications Vice President
  • Sophie Ingber, Secretary