Learning Series with Norman Cohen

Reading the Bible Through the Prism of Midrash

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Join Dr. Norman Cohen, one of the nation's foremost teachers of Midrash, for a three-part series exploring the family dynamics of the bible and how they can help us confront our own stories and struggles in relationships.

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Thursday, June 14, 7:00pm

Hineini In Our Lives: Responding To Those we Love
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As we are introduced anew to Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau and Joseph and his brothers, we will reflect on our own relationships with our parents and children, spouses and siblings, and the challenges of truly being present in their lives.

Monday, August 13, 7:00pm

Abraham’s Life Journey and Its Impact On His Family
Members: $20 • Non-Members: $30
Abraham is a revered symbol of faith, commitment, and strength, but is he really a model for today's spouses and parents and family members? As we immerse ourselves in Abraham’s story, we will take a fresh look at our struggles to balance our personal and professional lives.

Saturday, September 1, 6:30pm – Selichot Service to follow

Do We Believe That People Can Essentially Change?
Members & Non-Members: FREE
As we delve into Genesis Chapter 4 (Cain & Abel) and consider complicated relationships between siblings, we will reflect on who we are and who we aspire to be and how challenging it is for us to do Teshuvah – to return to the vision of our higher selves.

About Rabbi Norman Cohen, Ph.d.

Dr. Norman CohenNorman Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Midrash at the New York School, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, is considered one of the nation's foremost teachers of Midrash, the process of Rabbinic interpretation of the Bible. Midrash is a topic of great delight to Dr. Cohen and to his many audiences as well as the search for contemporary meaning in our ancient texts. He lectures extensively to both Jewish and Christian laypeople and scholars, and has composed many of his own midrashim.

Dr. Cohen has been intimately connected with HUC-JIR for thirty years, first as a rabbinic student who was ordained with honors, then as a doctoral candidate, receiving his Ph.D. in Midrashic Literature in 1977. He then joined the faculty in New York as instructor in Jewish History and Hebrew, and taught homiletics in Cincinnati. He returned to the New York School as instructor of Midrash in 1975 and is currently Professor Emeritus of Midrash. Dr. Cohen served as Dean of the New York School for eight years, as Provost of the College-Institute for fourteen years and as Acting President. He truly is "one of our master teachers, mentors and a leading light in our movement." He shares his contagious passion for Midrash with all his students.

The author of many scholarly papers, Dr. Cohen is also the author of six books published by Jewish Lights Publishing. He appeared on the PBS series, Bill Moyers Genesis: A Living Conversation, which aired in November-December, 1996.

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Repeats every week 1 times except Sat Sep 01 2018, Sat Sep 01 2018, Sat Sep 01 2018. Also includes Mon Aug 13 2018, Sat Sep 01 2018.
Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 7:00pm
Monday, August 13, 2018 - 7:00pm
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