The Latke Guys


On Rosh HaShanah 5768, Rabbi Stein made an unusual announcement from the bimah. He wanted 40 men to volunteer to make latkes for the congregation at Chanukah! He conceded that it was a crazy idea; he admitted he didn't know how it would be accomplished; but he wanted to try.

His announcement met with some skepticism, but several months later, more than 40 men and boys met in the Davis Auditorium, donned aprons that said "We Love Latkes," and transformed 300 pounds of potatoes into nearly 2,000 latkes to be frozen and eaten by the congregation over the course of Chanukah, in what has become an annual tradition at Shaaray Tefila.

In the years since, The Latke Guys have added to their culinary repertoire by grilling hamburgers and hot dogs at a number of rooftop barbecues.  If you'd like to join us at a future cooking event, let us know!