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Hillel Emergency Appeal
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Hillel Emergency Appeal

Shaaray Tefila’s
hillel EMERGENCY Appeal

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
If I am only for myself, who am I?
And if not now, when?”
Hillel the Elder —Mishnah Avot 2:4

Over the last 175 years, our Shaaray Tefila community has persevered through the 1918 influenza pandemic, the Great Depression, two World Wars, September 11, the 2008 financial crisis, and more. As a Jewish people, we have made it through many difficult times in our history.

Our synagogue’s staff has joined together to connect with you in this new climate in multiple ways. We have created a virtual synagogue to create touchpoints to counteract social isolation and to bond together as a Jewish community.

We recognize this is a challenging time for our members and staff due to the coronavirus pandemic. To continue our important work, we need your help now. We are asking you to donate to the Shaaray Tefila Hillel Emergency Appeal


Led by a group of community leaders, Shaaray Tefila has established the Hillel Emergency Appeal – a new emergency campaign to address the immediate financial needs of the congregation.

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”

As a non-profit organization, Temple Shaaray Tefila maintains a balanced budget each year. Doing so relies on some revenue streams, such as an annual gala that was intended to raise $250,000, that are not viable in the current environment. In addition, we need to be prepared to help members who are affected by having been furloughed or are struggling due to business interruptions. And through it all, we seek to maintain our high quality staff team that has served this community before the current crisis and continues to work hard to create meaning, purpose, and connection in these challenging times.

“If I am only for myself, who am I?”

Our Jewish obligations demand that we help take care of our neighbors. The critical funds raised with your help will enable us to continue our programs for people suffering from food insecurity, and will allow us to offer support to communal partners like Little Sisters of the Assumption Food Pantry, the New York Common Pantry, and the Association to Benefit Children.

“And if not now, when?”

The money we raise NOW will allow us to continue to serve our members, prepare us to re-open our doors and enable us to sustain our synagogue community and live our Jewish values. 

Our Virtual Synagogue

creating community

As always, our clergy continues to provide one-on-one pastoral care to our members, via Zoom or telephone. We recently gathered together staff and members together to call every member in our congregation to assure them that they are not alone and we are here.

We have brought our programming online:

  • Worship services such as Shabbat, Havdalah, and healing services
  • Music Mondays 
  • Adult Education
    – Virtual Scholar in residence on Thursdays
    – A podcast called Commuting with the Rabbi every other Sunday
  • Pastoral Care
    – Our clergy are connecting individually with congregants and supporting them in life-cycle moments
    An evening session on Facebook each night for adults called Goodnight with the Rabbi
  • Holiday Celebrations such as Yom Hashoah

Continuing Social Action

In a time of crisis, our food insecurity and task forces are still at work:

  • Our SOUP KITCHEN on Wednesdays to supplies  meals to 120 people each week with the help of volunteers and staff.
  • BACKPACK BUDDIES delivers food to 45 school-age children (ages 1-8) each week to provide weekend meals and snacks. 

Teens, Youth, and Children

  • Our Nursery School closed on a Thursday and was up and running online Monday morning. We are providing at-home interactive projects and classes, Shabbat Sing-Alongs and Tot Shabbats, and our teachers are connecting regularly with students and their parents
  • Our Religious School is offering a full slate of online educational programming 
  • Our Pathways Teen Program is meeting regularly through Virtual Pathways and Virtual Youth Lounge, offering vital ongoing connections to our teens during this period of social isolation
  • B’nei Mitzvah Students are receiving tutoring, and our team has helped reschedule nearly all of our spring celebrations to the fall


In this extraordinary time, we’re asking you to join us in contributing generously to the Hillel Appeal. In honor of our 175th Anniversary year, we are committed to doing all that we can to make sure that Shaaray Tefila continues to survive and grow. YOU are our FUTURE.

All donations are 100% tax deductible. No gift is too large or too small. Donations can be made by credit card online. Members may also contribute through stock grants by contacting Andrew Melton, TST Director of Finance, AMelton@tstnyc.org. For questions, please contact Hallie Golden, Director of Development, HGolden@tstnyc.org. All donations paid by June 30, 2020 will be included in our Fiscal Year 2019-2020. 

Special Thanks

THANK YOU to the members listed below who have made generous donations to the Hillel Emergency Appeal!

Bonnie & Charlie Alter
Jennifer Wendy & Andrew Beckler
Annie Gross & Jesse Berger
Judy Fryer & Dan Biggs
JoDi Weiss & Rich Birnbaum
June & Michael Blitzer
Debra Goldstein & Paul Brody
Hillarie & Gary Budoff
Ruth Holzer & Mike Byowitz
Andrea Labov Clark & Tim Clark
Amy Starck & Jack Cogen
Susan Gross-Cohen & Adam Cohen
Nicole Liu & Edward Cohen
Shari Brasner & Jeffrey Cohen
Marci Levine & Jason Criss
Saralyn & Alan Doyle
Gladys & Stan Edelman
Marla Feldman
Amy & Howard Feller
Lisa & Marc Feller
Beth & Shelly Finkel
Hara & Brian Fischbein
Harriet & Albert Fishlow
Shari & Ian Forman
Jill & Michael Franco
Lori Rubin & Seth Frank
Philip I. Freedman
Denise & Jay Freiberg
Michele Silverstein & Rick Furman
Elaine Gerstein
Rachel & Michael Gerstein
Carol Ann Goldberg
Barbara Saidel & Eddie Goldberg
Hallie Golden
Katherine Goldsmith
Alyssa Gray
Woody Greenberg
Milagro Guardiola
Jolie Schwab & David Hodes
Abigail & Andrew Holland
Rebecca Hornstein
Steven Howard
Jaime & Dave Hyman
Michelle & Matt Ingber

Amy & Richard Jacobson
Joanne & Martin Jaffe
Karen & Ben Janowski
Riry Muhlrad Jones & Tom Jones
Keren & Mark Kalimian
Irene Kamaroff
Jane Karlin
Beth Rogers & Jeff Katz
Nancy & Joseph Kaufman
Laura & Lee Krug
Andrea Krugman
Sandy & Steven Krulwich
Ruth & Robert Kurtz
Peni Landisi
Stephanie Latman
Audrey & Michael Laufer
Sandra & Bill Lehman
Stefanie & Jordan Levine
David & Laurie Levine
Phyllis Levitin
Deanna & Jerry Levy
Natalie & Oren Levy
Laurie Kasloff & Steve Lion
Marian & Len Lubinsky
Arlene Krieger-Maer & Jeffrey Maer
Melvin Mandelbaum
Judy & Joel Marcus
Joan Mintz & Robinson Markel
Nancy & Elliot Merberg
Debra & Neal Mesnick
Miguel Mercado & Amy Schwach
Debra Anisman & Paul Milmed
June Moinester
Elyssa & Joel Mosbacher
Susan & Peter Natale
Mollie Cantor & Barry Negrin
Lois & Neil Nyren
Corinne Orr
Michelle & Adam Parker
Cheryl & Neil Pinchuk
Cindy & David Pinter
Sumie Okazaki & Allen Poteshman
Miriam Reines

Jennifer Kunin & Sid Reitzfeld
Phyllis & Alan Romm
Joanne Ronson
Shelley & Loren Ross
Carrie & Craig Rothfeld
Melissa & Rob Saperstein
Nina Sas & Ira Dorfman
Marcia & Richard Scheiner
Melanie & Matthew Schiff
Aileen Schreiber
Alissa & Gideon Schwartz
Lori Seader
Lauren & Ron Segal
Jennifer & Adam Seidman
Richard Sendrovitz
Michele & Neil Shapiro
Stefanie & David Shaw
Jennifer Ottinger & Howard Shaw
Robyn Shepherd
Liz & David Sherman
Tracy & Scott Sigal
Klara & Larry Silverstein
Randi & Brett Singer
Paula Dwoskin Sitzer & Michael Sitzer
Leslie Brooks Solomon & Gregg Solomon
Jessica & Kyle Solomon
Marcia C. Solomon
Cari & Dan Sommer
Marsha & Michael Starr
Renee Reich & Adam Steinlauf
Melissa & Larry Stoller
Marlene Nadel & Rob Stolz
Liz & Richard Tarlowe
Amy & Howard Tenenbaum
Mindy & Nathaniel Tindel
Deborah Collins & Sanford Victor
Barri & Dan Waltcher
Monica & Andrew Weinberg
Sydelle & Andrew Weinberger
Elizabeth Weisser
Steve Weissman
Barbara & Sid Winawer
Nancy & Bob Wine
Laurie Jacobs & Bob Zorowitz