High Holy Days
High Holy Days

High Holy Days 2019 • 5780

The High Holy Days are set aside for us in the Jewish calendar to engage in prayer, honest self-reflection, and genuine reconciliation with each other and with God.

To help our staff ensure a meaningful, comfortable, and successful High Holy Days experience, please review the information below and fill out the appropriate digital forms. Should you encounter any issues, please reach out to our main office by phone at 212-535-8008 or send an email to our dedicated High Holy Days Help inbox at HHDhelp@tstnyc.org.

We look forward to our community coming together to welcome 5780 and wish you and your loved ones Shanah Tovah – a happy, healthy, and sweet new year!

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We hope you had a fulfilling High Holy Days experience at Temple Shaaray Tefila. Wishing you a sweet 5779 and looking forward to our community coming together next year to welcome 5780!

To seize the opportunity requires preparation.

We must prepare our community space to welcome you.

And we must ready our hearts, minds, and spirits. We hope you were able to join our clergy over the summer months to prepare for a more mindful High Holy Days experience.

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