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TZEDAKAH...Commonly translated from the Hebrew as צדקה “charity,” Tzedakah is not considered an option in our sacred text, commentary, and practice – it is an obligation, an expectation of every Jew.  Each of us is called upon to give, in accordance with our capacity, but to give something to sustain our community and to help those in need. The root of the word, tzedek, means “justice.” Judaism looks upon giving as right action, as just and fair.

In the wilderness, under God’s decree and Moses’ direction, each Israelite enrolled with a commitment of half a shekel – a model of our congregational membership dues. And then our ancestors were further directed to make a gift as their heart moved them.  Each one giving, each one helping to build the tabernacle that would reflect their commitment, individuals bound to each other in a sacred community, all joining to make a holy place in their lives.

It is a signature commitment of this congregation to warmly welcome those who wish to join us, to share our blessings, to support Israel, to help those in need in the broader community and around the world. We organize and perform acts of kindness, גמילות חסדים gemilut chasadim, help repair the world. We make a holy place for worship, learning and community. And we make all this possible through tzedakah, financial support.

Beyond dues and fees, we each give to the Annual Appeal, to designated funds and endowments; we participate in fund raising events, and planned giving. We make gifts to honor special people and occasions, and to most meaningfully memorialize loved ones. All these reflect Jewish custom and ideals, and such gifts are needed to sustain a vibrant center for Judaism.

Contributions may be made in cash, by check, with securities transfer or via American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.

Please consider $36 minimum or adding 2-3% to your larger credit card gifts to help cover the fees Shaaray Tefila must pay to accommodate credit card transactions.

You may contribute ONLINE or feel free to contact our Anna Stein, Director of Development, via email or by phone at 212-328-9393 to discuss giving options. 

Donors are acknowledged in the monthly Messenger and annual review Perspectives.

Donors of $2,500 or more are acknowledged on the plaque in our temple lobby which reads:
“Let Us Give Strength to Each Other.”
Learn more... Donor Recognition: Hineni 

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