“Al shlosha devarim ha-olam omed” 

(The world is sustained by three things) 

In a famous passage from Pirke Avot, the “Ethics of the Ancestors,” Simon the Just teaches that the world is sustained by three things: 

Gemilut chasadim

Shaaray Tefila has made these three principles -- Torah, avodah (worship), and gemilut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness) -- the foundation of our community through our Shabbat and holiday services; through our study and practice of the teachings of the Hebrew Bible and rabbinic interpretation; and through Social Action programs that reach out to local and global communities.

Our adult education programming rests on these three pillars. Through our classes and other programs, we study Torah and rabbinic literature; we explore prayer, worship and spirituality in their traditional and contemporary forms; and, we try to consider how our Jewishness can prompt acts of loving-kindness and social justice. 

At Shaaray Tefila, our Adult Education and Cultural Programs are an ongoing celebration of Jewish culture, in all its diversity and richness.

To learn more about the various opportunities for connection available at Shaaray Tefila, or for help finding your special place within our sacred community, please contact Mindy Davids, our Director of Religious School and Educational Innovation, at [email protected] or (212)535-8008.