Our Vision

Shaaray Tefila seeks to be a congregation where its members can find meaning, connection, and purpose.

Meaning recognizes that there is substance to the texts of Torah that can apply to our lives today and that can help us make decisions in the best and most challenging moments of our lives. We offer a range of learning opportunities for people of all ages and stages that invites members to grow their Jewish knowledge, and apply that knowledge to their daily lives.

Connection acknowledges that we cannot live alone; that we need to be in community; that especially in the 21st century, being connected to each other face to face matters; that being a part of the Jewish people worldwide matters. Our community provides a broad spectrum of affinity groups and small groups that help people connect with others and bring strength to one another.

Purpose reminds us that the world as it is doesn’t have to be this way and that religion, at its best, is about making the world better because we are in it. Our congregation prides itself on doing the sacred work of tikkun olam (repair of the world) through direct service opportunities, mobilizing on urgent issues, and organizing for grassroots change.