Small Groups

What are Small Groups?

Small groups create opportunities to build community around shared interests or passions within a (broadly defined) Jewish context. They are congregant-led, comprised of 5-18 members, and provide spaces where we can foster deeper relationships and ask questions together about our lives as Jewish adults.

Want to join one of our Small Groups, interested in leading a group, have an idea for a new group, or would like to participate in any way? Learn more about the groups we're currently offering below. We would love to help you find your Small Group!

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About our Small Groups

Lilith Salon

This group meets quarterly and explores Lilith Magazine. Describing itself as independent, Jewish, and frankly feminist, Lilith features fictional pieces, essays, and articles that are relevant to today’s women. Join us for our Lilith Salon to discuss this quarter's issue and encounter new ideas and new people in your community.


This group meets monthly at local restaurants for men to gather and connect. Many synagogues in the country have a similar group, affectionately named ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out). However, you by no means need to be retired (or "old"!) in order to participate in this group.

Upstander Group

This small group will explore questions of morality, values, bravery, and humanity in the context of studying people who risk their lives to protect others.
Using historical and current examples of upstanders, such as The Underground Railroad network, Holocaust rescuers, freedom riders, we set a foundation to ask big questions: How can we be upstanders? How can we raise upstanders? What is our moral tolerance for escalating our status from a bystander to an upstander? What are the psychological and sociological conditions which create an upstander? Are these characteristics innate or learned?

Haven’t quite found what you’re looking for? There are many ways to deepen your connection to Shaaray Tefila, to others, and to your Judaism.

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What does MCP mean?

MCP stands for meaning, connection, and purpose. These are the driving forces of our community, and we believe this opportunity will allow congregants to experience all three.